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Board of Directors

Maria Smith

Specialty: Language and Culture

Maria is a registered DET Teacher since 2001, also a visiting Filipino Language instructor at the Victorian School of Languages. Since 2010, she has also been a multicultural journalist for the Philippine Times and Philippine Community Herald Newspaper. She joined AFCS in 2008 and was elected Chairperson in 2016.

Vice Chair
Bunnary Soch

Specialty: Settlement and Social Work

Bunnary is a qualified Counsellor and Migration Agent, with more than 20 years of experience in Settlement and Social Work with the Cambodian Khmer-speaking community. She is passionate about serving the community and helping those who are in need support.

Ruby Ocampo

Specialty: Business Development

Ruby is a trained Teacher and worked in the science laboratory in the food industry and school environment and had years of experience in running a business.  She is passionate about celebrating and teaching younger generations about Filipino heritage, leadership, business and culture. Ruby has been AFCS’ Treasurer since 2014.


Fe Gillies

Specialty: Community Engagement

Fe Gillies is a retired Reflexologist with an aged care background. Fe is a community leader and volunteers her time in supporting fellow seniors engaging in outings and weekly activities. She is also a Digital Mentor, engaging seniors in the community to increase their digital skills.

Albert Abarquez

Specialty: Community Sport Development

Albert is a passionate community leader and has played a significant role in the advancement of Filipino community basketball in Melbourne’s South-East, coaching and developing the sporting abilities of hundreds of children and young people since 1998. He is a recipient of the Victorian Premier’s Award for Excellence in Community Service in 2009 and enjoys promoting mental health and physical fitness in the community.