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Art Gallery Online - Youth

March 2020

The Lioness
June 2020

The Fox
March 2020

Xavier Andanar
9 y.o.

Artist Profile

9-year old Xavier is a bold artist in his own right.

 “There are no rules and you can do anything,” is his young mind’s impression on art.

 He indeed began his art at the tender age of 3, when he started doing stuff he likes to draw or paint.

 “He always has a sketch book with him, especially when we go on long drives and holiday trips,” Xavier’s mom quipped with a proud smile in her face.

 The art that Xavier does makes him busy when there are no classmates or friends to play with considering the lockdown that started in March 2020. Painting “The Gorilla” became his first creative endeavour, followed with “The Lioness”. He likes animals as his subjects.

 Someday, Xavier wants to be an animator. It is an art form for the new generation, using technology as the canvass.

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