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Art Gallery Online - Youth

May 2020

Tiptoe through the Tullips

August 2020

Ma Vellerie Cabico
27 y.o.


Artist Profile

For someone who does not consider herself an artist, 27-year old Vallerie though has a natural ability to see patterns and figures. She expresses this talent through a love of drawing and painting. Her inspiration can be seen in the bright colours and bold shapes found in her landscapes, as well as in the fine line work in portraits.

“When I feel like doing it, I just get hold of a pen and start drawing random things,” was her honest reply when asked about why she likes art so much. Even as a child, engaging in art came to her as an inspiration.

Vallerie is a registered architect in the Philippines and she derived her art from one of her subjects in visual techniques. Her vibrant paintings such as “Tiptoe through the Tulips” and “Sundowner” showcase her architect’s sense of space and order interwoven with the bright hopefulness of her imagination.

Furthermore, she confessed that she was experiencing “emotional turmoil” and was “deeply depressed” during the first and second lockdowns due to Covid-19. “Art has been one of my outlets and it has relieved my stress mind and encouraged my creative thinking…aside from doing mini terrariums,” she further disclosed.

She would love to help others tap into their own creativity by teaching art. She loves the idea too of becoming a professional artist someday.