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Wave of Emotion
September 2019

May 2020

Sophia V.
21 y.o.

Artist Profile

‘A wave of fresh air’ is an oft-quoted cliché, and one which does not describe Sophia. To us at AFCS, she is – and always – “an air of fresh waves”, alluding to her love of oceans and waves. Her artistic love affair with Australian oceans began in 2018 and since then, has streamed its way to her Instagram account (@deepbluesea_art). At the age of 12 she experienced her first commissioned artwork and spurred on by that, she experimented on techniques and aimed at versatility in her succeeding paintings.

But it was in 2018 when she had that eureka moment: “my love and deepest passion for art had been reignited at the sight of an abstract art which fascinated me to begin painting and experiment different techniques.”

Beyond the visual beauty of technique, Sophia mused philosophically: “It is a form of self-expression and that art is constantly evolving; art to me is easily inspired by nature and the oceans surrounding Australia. I enjoy all different forms of mediums including abstract art, which best describes my artwork. I have found that expressing myself through art demonstrates vulnerability, rawness, and authenticity through each piece I create.”

On a personal level, she disclosed the dynamics of her spirit when doing art considerably. “I like that my art stems from a place of passion, emotion and feeling that is expressed through each brush stroke and blend in my pieces. Art for me is more than just splashing paint onto a blank canvas; I listen to acoustic or orchestral music when I create art and I allow the emotion of music flow through my work.”

In reference to one of her most recent painting, “Wave of Emotion”, she enunciated that “the abstractness of the piece depicts a wave washing over a head: the colours and texture of the wave represent emotion as rough and choppy. As oceans have high tides and low tides, my artwork is relatable in such a way that we, as humans, have ‘our highs and our lows’ in life. Therefore, art has become a way of self-expression and a coping mechanism through life’s ‘highs and lows.’”

Sophia though is upbeat of these ‘highs’ despite the COVID-19 pandemic. “I hope to demonstrate a positive outlook through my art and a focus on brighter times ahead as we come out of lockdown. The lockdown has definitely taught me to appreciate the limited amount of supplies I have access to and enjoy the little things.”

Humbled by her success in selling custom paintings and artworks, she nevertheless does not consider herself a professional artist. Art is therapeutic and occupies a chunk of her time, alongside other hobbies which include soccer and skating.

 Art brings so much joy to her life and with it she is her own person: unique and humble.

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