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Baby Blue Tulips
February 2020

Tara My Bestie
September 2019

March 2019

Fernando Bonifacio
39 y.o.


Artist Profile

Fernando describes himself as an art admirer. “During the lockdown, I read poetry and paint some artwork. I have art all over my walls and I love looking at them,” was his candid confession. Poetry for him is mostly Shakespeare and his artistic taste is quite eclectic. “Really, it is whatever captures my fancy and inspires me.” He decorates his walls with artworks that he finds fascinating and inspiring.

He was in grade school when he did sketching and learned painting later. “I started learning to paint in 2018 when my church friend Barbara teaches art class at her place on Saturdays.” He enjoyed painting so much that he decided to go further and learn more about it. “In a way, I can say I am self-taught too.”

For someone who loves everything about art, Fernando hopes to inspire people through his artwork and also through poetry. He is considering of becoming a professional artist someday.