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Art Gallery Online - Youth

Koi Fish

July 2020

Erwin and Eryl Diesta
19 y.o. / 15.y.o.

Artist Profile

The mom of of 19-year old Erwin and 15-year old Eryl Diesta must be one of the happiest moms around. She “commissioned” her kids to paint an art in lockdown, to help decorate the hallway in their new house.

“It’s true. My sister and I only decided to start painting together, when mum wanted a pair of paintings on our new house’s hallway,” disclosed one of the siblings.

Though obedient to his mom, Erwin likes the freedom of expression in art. This is something that he and his sister, Eryl, agree.

“There are no rules really, and every mistake is a ‘happy accident’ says Bob Ross,” so philosophises Erwin.

Erwin started art when he was a lot younger but became serious with it in high school. Now 19, he looks back to it like in a reverie.

“I just finished doing exams and it helped de-stress as I immerse myself with a totally different headspace after doing a lot of Maths and Science content. “

To him though art is more a hobby than a profession. His sister is the same but they look forward to it with a lot of gusto.