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White & Pink Clouds
March 2020

June 2020

Silver Clouds
July 2020

Danielle Alexa Llejay
11 y.o.


Artist Profile

11-year old Danielle has been an artist as long as she can remember.

Since she was a toddler, at only 2 years old, she has been filling pages and notebooks with her bright, colourful doodles. As she grew up, her doodles took form and became real paintings, inspired by the soft moving forms of nature, as can be seen in her pieces “Waves”, “White and Pink Clouds”, and “Silver Clouds”. Danielle loves colours, and the way art allows her to “draw what’s in her mind, and let her creativity go”.

 When asked whether she plans to become a professional artist someday, Danielle says she has considered it, but that her main priority right now is to become a better artist. During the pandemic, she has found herself with more time to paint, making real progress toward her goal of improving as an artist.