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May 2020

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Alexandria Daculan
19 y.o.


Artist Profile

From a young age, Andie has been described as imaginative and creative. Art has always been her passion, whether it was creating drawings or more hands-on pieces such as sculptures.

As the years have gone by, a lot of practise has gone into work. This has allowed her style to progress.

Some of the muses over the years include artists such as Vincent Van Gogh as well as Claude Monet. Their use of colour and various techniques inspire her to be more open in style as well as explore other medium.

In terms of general inspiration, Andie has always been fascinated with the colours of nature. Another source of inspiration is her Filipino culture. This is reflected in the colours that she often choose to create her pieces with – yellow, blue and red – as they are colours directly sourced from the Filipino flag.

Throughout quarantine, art has become her “happy distraction” from the somewhat terrifying reality that is COVID-19. Art also acts as her personal therapy, allowing her to relax and solely focus on the piece that she is working on.

 The three pieces that she has chosen to display include the musical artists Daniel Caesar, Conan Gray and Frank Ocean. Through the use of colour and form, Andie has chosen to depict each musician in a way that reflects their style of music. Each of these musicians creates music that can be seen as alternative and avant-garde, and as an artist, Andie wanted to translate this in her illustrations.