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The Australian–Filipino Community services is a not-for profit and charitable organisation that seeks to promote harmony and wellbeing to all Filipinos and multicultural communities in Australia through the following activities:
a) providing welfare services and community care to the disadvantaged b) fostering partnership with philanthropic societies, governments, and other organisations to respond to the needs of disadvantaged members of the community Vision To provide leadership in proactive services for Australian Filipinos across many generations Mission

  • to respond to people in need with  compassion, charity, and pastoral care;
  • to offer welfare services to disadvantaged families and individuals, aged, vulnerable women and children
  • linkup migrants to other agencies by active participation in the workforce, civic life, community education and volunteering;
  • preserve the Australian Filipino cultural heritage




 As the government encourages “social distancing” in the fight against coronavirus, we’re seeing the closure of libraries, community centres and most of the places where Be Connected Network Partners would usually hold their digital skills sessions.

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